For my main website, I use Nuxt, they have a Content integration which translates Markdown files into HTML code. While that works fine, I found it a bit unpractical. I had to edit some markdown files in the Git repository, wait for the GitHub Actions build to complete and restart the Docker container.

Recently, I found myself with more free time, and I decided it was time to make a switch to a more user-friendly platform. So, from now on, I am using Ghost as a blogging platform. There are quite a few other alternatives, but I can self-host Ghost (which was a requirement for me) and it's easy and lightweight to use. An alternative like WordPress is already much more complex for a simple blog.

For the theme, I modified Ghost's Solo theme. While it isn't perfect and doesn't match my website theme (yet), it's already much better than my older layout. Another improvement is that I now serve the assets via BunnyCDN, this should improve speeds for people outside Western Europe (thanks to this blog post for a guide). Apart from that I have also fixed the comments, which had been broken for several months. While Ghost provides its own comment section, it required visitors to create an account on my blog, which I wanted to avoid.

I am already writing a new blog post about a big Star Wars project I am working on, so stay tuned for that!

Introducing my new blog

In the past, my blog was seamlessly integrated into my main website. I used to write articles using Markdown files. However, I soon encountered challenges when it came to updating posts and creating new content.